Solutions against Cigarette Pollution

The cigarette butt is still the most polluted litter on the planet
EcoMada's mission is to fight against this little incivility which is causing big damage

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Cendriers de poche

Cendriers de poche, mégots de cigarette, pocket ashtrays
EcoMada recently:

Meeting with L'Escargot Anglais

I meet Eddie L'Escargot Anglais, waste cleaning superstar from Marseille to Strasbourg, to discuss his action with 1 waste per day, and of course to clean the streets of Strasbourg of his cigarette butt!

Strasbourg Climate Walk

For this 2020 edition of The March for the Climate in Strasbourg, EcoMada is mobilized not only to present the Pocket Ashtray, but also to collect cigarette butts on the procession ...


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