The journey of a cigarette butt in the street

As insignificant as the throw of a cigarette butt may seem, even in the street covered with concrete, and too often we tend to think that the municipal services will take care of cleaning them.
Many cigarette butts unfortunately start a long journey, causing a lot of damage in their path. Let's observe its journey together.

Marble Surface

Autopsy of a murderer

The cigarette butts are unfortunately not contrary to common thinking just paper and cotton, apart from the chemicals from tobacco contained in the filter, the filter itself is made of material derived from plastic, let's take a closer look .


You are not alone

Let's take out the calculators:

Throwing away a butt may seem insignificant, with the belief that you are the only one doing it, but when you look at the numbers, you realize that little by little, you are reaching disastrous proportions

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