The personalized pocket

EcoMada offers you to help protect the environment from cigarette butts with your personalized pocket ashtray.
Your city, your club, barracks, association or business can thus obtain a cool, advertising and useful object for the environment and the fight against pollution caused by the cigarette butt.

Our 'La Poche' ashtrays are customizable in almost every aspect, whether it is the vinyl version or the Kraft paper version, you can get an ashtray in the colors and designs of your choice. Send your ideas to EcoMada and together we create an ecological tool in your image.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Submit your idea to EcoMada for Your 'La Poche'

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Examples of personalized ashtrays: Municipalities - Events and Festivals - Fire stations - Clubs and associations


What to do with personalized 'La Poche' ashtrays?

Whether for promotional purposes, to have an accessory in his effigy, an object to be sold at retail, La Poche is a useful and promotional accessory which above all will allow the one who sells it as the one who buys it and uses it to make a positive gesture for the environment.
Let's explore some examples where 'La Poche' turns out to be an essential accessory ...



A large number of municipalities are already trying to fight cigarette butt pollution in their cities, La Poche is proving to be a powerful tool to make available to its citizens so that each smoker can be made responsible and can be involved in the cleanliness of his city.

nevers templ.png
Marble Surface

Events and Festivals

Festivals, concerts and events of all kinds have in common to bring together tens, hundreds or thousands of people, among them are smokers, and the solutions so that everyone can get rid of their butt are not always obvious. The grounds and better where these gatherings are organized are often subject to degradation once the event is over. Making 'La Poche' available during an event allows smokers to use their cigarette butts, while they sing, dance, manifest, while relieving the organizers of the pollution impact generated by their event.

festoche template.png

Fire stations

Firefighters are a body unanimously respected by all citizens. If their usefulness goes much further than putting out fires, the fact remains that cigarette ends thrown on the ground represent a large part of the causes of fires. Used 'La Poche' is therefore not only a way to support our firefighters, but also an ideal promotional tool for firefighters. Distributing 'La Poche' bearing the image of your fire station, for example along with the famous calendars, can allow you to raise funds, prevent fires, and inform smokers.

pompiers template.png
Marble Surface

Clubs and Associations

Promote your sport, club, association, with an object that will not only promote your activities, allow you to raise funds by selling them at retail, organizing raffles etc. But also to distribute a useful object, which will limit the dispersion of butts around your stadiums or headquarters.