La Poche

The Pocket is made of either Kraft paper or PVC / EVA depending on the model on the outside,
flame retardant foam and aluminum foil, as well as a metal or plastic button depending on the model.
The pouch weighs around 10g and measures 8x8cm or 8.5x7.5cm depending on the model.
The pocket allows you to get rid of your butt in all conditions, without worrying about bad smells or the flamability of your butt.

# 001 - The Base # 002 - Da Kraft The Customizable Ashtray

Marble Surface

#001 - La Base

The base is the first born of the La Poche range, simple and concrete, its mission is to make known this solution to the problem of the butt jet. In La Poche rather than on the ground ... the Base!

Prices and Purchases
La Base

#002 - Da Kraft

Version of La Poche with a Kraft paper cover, if La Poche remains an indisputable solution to the butt problem, there is nonetheless a plastic article, one more. Da Kraft is mainly made of Kraft paper, and is nonetheless effective!

Prices and Purchases
Da Kraft
Marble Surface

The customizable ashtray

Whether you are an organization, a community, a fire station, an individual, you can with EcoMada customize your La Poche

Custom Ashtrays